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The right expertise

Having the right knowledge about the U.A.E. business environment is crucial, due to all the different options for company establishments. With the assistance of The Watermill Consultants you will save time as the lengthy procedures will be controlled and followed up by us. We work efficiently, liaise you with the right persons and guide you step by step throughout the registration process.

Limited liability company (L.L.C.)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is currently the most common form of business entity in Dubai. An LLC must have between 2 - 50 shareholders, each of whom is liable only to the extent of his or her share in the capital of the company. The LLC will allow any industrial or commercial business. However, an LLC cannot practice law, auditing, accountancy or any other type of consulting service. At least 51% of the LLC’s shares must be owned by U.A.E. Nationals. A foreign investor therefore has to select a local sponsor for starting up is business as an LLC in Dubai ‘mainland’.  The Memorandum of Association can distribute profits in a different ratio.

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Free Zone Company / Free Zone Establishment (FZC/FZE)

Free zones offer the following benefits:

  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed 
  • No corporate tax, income tax, wealth tax and capital gains tax
  • Exemption of import and export duties
  • Extensive treaty network
  • Competitive labor costs

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Branch/representative office

A second way that allows you to keep 100% foreign ownership of your business is to establish a branch of a foreign company. This branch will not be a separate legal entity, but will act as a representative office of the foreign company. A branch must have a manager to represent the company and to open the branch in Dubai. It will be allowed to conduct selected commercial and professional activities specified on its license. The business conducted by the branch shall be subject to the laws of Dubai and the U.A.E. A branch of a foreign company can be established in a free zone as well as in Dubai ‘mainland’.

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Offshore company

Some free zones offer the possibility to register an offshore company within the free zone. An offshore company is not physically present in Dubai, but is subjected to taxation in Dubai. An offshore company therefore benefits of Dubai’s attractive tax climate.

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Our service packages

Setup Package

  • Assistance in selecting the right legal form
  • Assistance in selecting the right Free Zone
  • Liaising with governmental agencies and municipality regarding the registration procedure
  • Visiting Free Zones and government departments to successfully register your business in the UAE
  • Assistance in finding a suitable office space
  • Assistance in the process of opening a bank account
  • Arranging company stamps
  • Rates:
  • Set up as individual shareholder AED 15,000
    (+/- USD 4.100)
  • Set up with a corporate shareholder AED 25,000
    (+/- USD 6.850)
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License Renewal

We can also assist you with the ’license renewal’. We ensure that the process runs smoothly, so that your activities are not endangered.

Price: AED 5,000.

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Audit Services

Accounting Services

Whether you have a Limited Liability Company, FZC/FZE Company, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, a good accounting practice is vital for any type of company in order to make sure the business can thrive. We can provide tailor made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We can assist you with:

- Bookkeeping and general accounting
- Management of accounts
- Prepare your annual account statements


In Free Zones it is required to have your annual financial statements audited by a UAE auditor.

We can assist you with:

- Audited financial statements
- Reporting as per the International Financial ReportingStandards (IFRS) 

We understand that trust and high level of professionalism is required. At The Watermill Consultants, we can ensure you that our vast knowledge and competence in the field of accounting and auditing will provide the solid foundation to ensure a good audit.

Other services