Consultancy services in Dubai - a waste of money?


Many clients who are wishing to setup their business in Dubai or the UAE wonder whether to set up their company on their own, or hire a consultancy company to assist them. Of course, many Free Zones have good working websites and branches where one can visit to obtain information. But is this really sufficient? And does this really save money?

At The Watermill Consultants, we often receive queries from people and established companies, wishing to expand their business to the UAE. Some arguably decide to venture out on their own, and some wisely decide to make use of our services.

Why? You may wonder. All information is readily availble on the internet - no need to waste money on consultancy services! 

Firstly, this is not true. Yes, there is ample information to be found on the net. However the chances are most likely that the information provided is outdated or wrong. Rules and regulations in the UAE are ever-changing and only by being here and remaining on top of this, you will really know the actual situation. 

Secondly, The Watermill Consultants can provide you with proper advice regarding which Free Zone would be suitable for your company’s needs, which legal and fiscal structure is most adequate, and so on. This is not an easy and obvious task. And this will be cost-effective on the long run! Why settle for a certain free zone with high license fees, when you can settle for a different one which is equally suitable to your company’s needs?

It is a myth that setting up a business in Dubai is a clear cut process. There are so many options and factors to be considered, which, if you would choose to try to setup by yourself, will cause you serious delays and you’ll end up spending more money on rectifying mistakes  rather than when you would hire The Watermill Consultants.

And it doesn’t end just there - after setting up a business, there are still many reoccuring events such as annual license renewal, audit reports, visa applications... the list goes on. We’ve had clients who wanted to do all this on their own. Fact of the matter is, after spending a week in Dubai, paying accomodation, flights and what not, they were unable to actually get all of this done; they would come back to us willingly for our help and services.

So... Consultancy services in Dubai - a waste of money? Certainly not! It will save you money, time, effort and a lot of frustration. Feel free to contact The Watermill Consultants today to discuss your options!

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