A visa required for Dubai?!


We often receive queries regarding the visa requirements for Dubai. Is it required to have a visa, can you enter the UAE without a visa, can you work without a visa, and so on…

Get acquainted

Whether or not you require a visa to enter the UAE, depends on various factors such as your nationality, the duration of your stay and the purpose of your trip. Many passport holders from European countries, Oceania and North America are eligible for a so-called “visa on arrival”. After arriving to Dubai, one will receive a visa stamp which is valid for 30 days. This visa is free of charge. In case you would like to extend your stay, it is possible to do so with an additional 30 days. The costs for this are estimated at AED 800 at the moment. To avoid this cost, one often sees that many visitors make a daytrip to outside of the UAE in order to obtain a new tourist visa on a arrival for 30 days. Please note that this must be done not later than the 29th day of your initial visa. So as you can see, the on arrival visa is a great way to get acquainted with the UAE market if your intention is to do business here. It is important indeed to visit in order to determine your possibilities and scope of expansion.

If you are a citizen of a country which is not eligible for a “visa on arrival”, you must obtain a pre-entry visa for the UAE. There are many different types of visas which one can apply for, again depending on the purpose of your trip. For more information on visa types and passport requirements, check out the following link: http://www.visitdubai.com/en/travel-planning/travel-tools/visa-and-entry-information

The Watermill Consultants offers PRO services, which means that we can assist you with your visa applications. This can be a work/resident visa, a tourist visa, or whatever you may need.

Working and entrepreneurship

In case you really want to start your business in Dubai, a work permit is compulsory. As soon as a company has been setup in the UAE, the owner and employees are eligible for a residence visa. The amount of visas which a company can obtain depends on the size of the company. For setups in UAE Free Zones, the amount of eligible visas depend on the size of the rented office. For setups on UAE mainland the amount of visas is unlimited, but it does take into account the available office space.

For the directors/owners of a Dubai entity, it is strongly recommended to obtain a resident visa. This eases doing business in Dubai and the UAE in many ways. The procedure is rather formal, and includes a medical check and application for Emirates ID. During the time that the visa application is under process (the accelerated or VIP procedure will take about one week), one is not able to leave the United Arab Emirates.

The costs related to this visa procedure including our assistance mounts up to approximately AED 6,000. In some cases a deposit needs to be paid which will be returned after termination of the visa. All in all, a lot of paperwork and many steps to be undertaken. Therefore, it is recommended to get professional guidance. It will effectively save you a lot of time, money and stress!  

In conclusion

For a short stay in Dubai, a visa can be obtained on arrival or requires pre-approval, depending on your nationality. A resident visa is recommended for entrepreneurs who have setup their business in the UAE. The Watermill Consultants is looking forward to assisting you with your visa application, be it for tourism or business purposes.

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