Improved UAE - India relations


The UAE and India have strong economic and cultural ties. Indians played an imporant role in the development of the UAE, and were present in the region far before oil was discovered.When looking at the UAE and Dubai, it is apparent that as far as 2000 years B.C., it was already a very important trade post connecting the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. In the 15th century especially, the Indian ocean trade brought many prosperity. 

The largest expat community in the UAE is the Indian community, which is currently estimated at more than 2 million. Kerala is the most represented state, followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Nevertheless, the Northern States are also strongly represented and also form a significant portion of the UAE Indian population. Because the Indian expat community is the largest ethnic community in the UAE, both the Indian Embassy and the Consulate in Dubai have allocated special departments to cater to their needs. This strong bond will be certainly strengthened and diversified after the visit of Indian’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week.  

His visit to the UAE has once again recognised India’s historic ties with the region and has opened up new possibilities and partnerships. Besides the promise of the UAE to invest in India, the boost of India-UAE economic relations has many advantages, also for Indian SME’s who want to expand and diversify their business in to the UAE. 

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