Globalisation, business and Dubai


Globalisation has an immense impact on business and trade. Who isn’t involved in global trade and business nowadays? This internationalization of business also makes entrepreneurs wonder what the right choices would be for their business. A setup in their home country or elsewhere? What would make more sense? In the case of a web shop, which is not physically bound to a location, what would be the most suitable solution? This is our passion: to find out the best solution and to provide advice on a case-by-case scenario.

There are many important factors to consider when selecting a foreign country to do business. Just to name a few:

  • Good infrastructure
  • Favourable tax environment
  • Well established and functioning legal- and banking system

One of the places in the world where these important factors for global business play a pivotal role is Dubai. Dubai has no income tax or company tax and is the most populous city of the seven United Arab Emirates. Its focus on trade and industry transformed it into the leading trading port along the southern Gulf. In addition to the favourable tax environment, the United Arab Emirates has signed double taxation treaties and agreements with many countries. Therefore, you could also setup a business in Sharjah or Fujairah for example which usually turns out to be slightly cheaper.

As it is our aspiration to cater to the individual needs of clients from all over the world, The Watermill Consultants has established itself in The Netherlands and Dubai. 

So… The questions arises… Why not do business in Dubai or one of the other Emirates? For more information you can visit our website: or you can send an email directly to [email protected].


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