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Attractive business environment

Dubai is the ideal place for entrepreneurs and employees. Living and working in Dubai is very attractive. fFr many entrepreneurs that is already a reason to do business in Dubai. The warm climate ensures that the coldwinters are quickly forgotten. The facilities in Dubai have an excellent level: from healthcare to schools. Recreational opportunities are everywhere and there is sufficient supply of housing in all sectors.

Fast-growing economy

Since 2000 there has been an incredible growth in various sectors of the economy in Dubai. The government is continuously working on the improvement of transparency and introduction of dynamic regulations. These regulations provide a good basis for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

By providing such a dynamic and engaging working environment to entrepreneurs, Dubai has become a real trading hub for global commerce, where your company will be able to benefit largely from the many business opportunities. This is also the reason for the many international exhibitions which are often held in Dubai. 

In addition to the vast range of opportunities for your company, there are more (financially) attractive advantages for doing business in the UAE. Interested in setting up your business in Dubai? Please contact us today for more information!

International trading hub

International trading hub

Dubai is a known international trading hub due to its central geographical position between the Asian and European markets. To gain more foreign investments, the government decided to establish so called Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates. These Free Zones have unique laws with regards to the ownership, tax and labor. In a Free Zone you have 100% foreign ownership. This as opposed to the companies in Mainland Dubai, where it is mandatory to share your ownership: 51% will be owned by a local sponsor.

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